5 easy steps to a fab CV!

With lockdown measures changing, more job vacancies are becoming available so now is a great time to take a look at that CV!

1. Use a CV template.

Using a sensible colour scheme, layout and the same font throughout will make your CV look appealing and professional.

2. Big up your skills!

Focus on your strengths, talents and reasons the employer should hire you. If you are applying to a job doing something unfamiliar, point out any transferable skills you have and ability to adapt.

3. Make sure it is fully up to date.

Don't just list previous jobs/ education - include any work experience, volunteering, courses or training you have completed too, and discuss the skills you developed from each. E.g. If you did D of E you could talk about the teamwork, planning, motivation etc required but make sure it is RELEVANT to each application.

4. Don't make it too wordy, employers don't want an essay.

It can be hard to get this right on a first draft, so write out everything you want to include, and then go back and cut out any excess words/ information. It may also be helpful to ask someone else with a fresh set of eyes to read through it and tell you what could be taken out.

5. Talk about you, not just your achievements.

Try adding in a short profile at the top where you can describe your personality, interests and skills/ attributes that make YOU the one for the job. You can edit this so it is relevant to each role.

So get going! Your CV will be on top form in no time. And remember you can always contact us for further advice with it or anything else career related.

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