Body Image Day 7 - 6 quick tips!

Hopefully you’ve found something from this week’s theme useful, or feel more confident having found out something you didn’t know before!

Here are 6 quick tips to sum up body image week…

> If you find yourself being critical of your body, try changing perspective and viewing yourself like a friend would. 🤨

> Own you style – nothing is more appealing than someone who is confident in themselves. 😎

> You are your biggest critic! 🧐

> Its great to be enthusiastic about your health and fitness, but remember to give yourself breaks + consider approaching diet/ exercise differently if you are finding it stressful. 🥕🍎⛹️‍♀️🏊‍♂️

> Do not compare yourself to celebrities/ models – most of what you see will be heavily photoshopped – it’s not real. 🎥📸

> No body is perfect – yours wont be either, but that doesn’t make you any less fabulous! 😁

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