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Eat Healthy ~ Think Better

Eating well boosts your health, increases your energy and allows you to function more effectively so you can enjoy your day!

Drink plenty of water too – 2 litres/ day is recommended. That’s 8 glasses!

Having a balanced diet is the central pillar to a healthy body, both mentally and physically. Think of it like filling up a car with the best fuel possible so it performs at its absolute best.

Eating healthily can also give you a sense of achievement and boost your self esteem, whilst helping your body to work better and therefore give you more confidence. On top of this, your memory and mood can improve and you will likely get much more restful sleep.

5 quick Tips:

~ Don’t skip breakfast

~ Stay hydrated

~ Avoid adding extra salt to meals

~ Try and avoid processed/ fast food

~ Get your 5 a day!

There are lots of ways to eat healthily and keep the cost down too. Reducing meat consumption and eating more vegetables, as well as buying cheaper brands can significantly reduce expenses. Eating leftovers and being strict about what you buy s less is wasted will help too.

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