Fun Friday Feeling!

Remember to enjoy yourself this weekend!


Especially in the winter months, it can seem less appealing to plan things to go and do, instead deciding to stay at home. While this is completely understandable and a feeling shared by many people, the best way to beat it is to actively choose to work against the low, rainy day feeling and get things in the diary you can look forward to. This could be a hobby, meeting up with friends, joining a club/team or even simply a relaxing evening where you put time aside for you, and have a long bath (or something else if baths aren’t your thing!).

Another important thing to remember is that whatever you chose to do during this time, try and make sure it is something you are already good at and don’t feel like you need to actively improve on. In doing this you will have a sense of achievement without the pressure you were trying to escape in the first place! Having something to look forward to will likely help you at work/ school too if you are feeling unmotivated as you’ll have something to work towards.

Although it’s tempting, try and avoid unhealthy food, alcohol etc as a way of unwinding. These things will have a short term feel good effect but it is temporary and will have negative impacts later on.