Support for new mums under 25 thanks to HIWCF!

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Foundation have done it again! We were so excited to hear we have been awarded a generous grant of £3975 through HIWCF from the NHS Covid-19 Fund which we will be using to support first time mothers under 25 in our region during the coronavirus outbreak.

With the ever-changing measures in place throughout lockdown, getting some security and a support system in place can be difficult, but these things are especially important to new mums as I’m sure you can imagine. Youth in Romsey want to ensure that these women don’t feel alone and have a place to turn whenever they need either emotional support or help with day to day tasks.

With the grant we have received, we can now reach out to new mothers and be there for them. Currently, due to constraints around coronavirus many other support groups and NHS services are unable to offer their full range of assistance. This has meant that, getting information about the basic and speaking to others about their experience is also more difficult, but they will now be able to turn to Youth in Romsey to ask questions and get the reassurance they need.

We really can’t thank HIWCF enough. The life changing work we do is only made possible because of generous donations and grants we receive such as this one, and seeing how these funds are making a such difference to people in the community is incredibly rewarding.

Thank you HIWCF!