Why I love Youth in Romsey

Ever wondered what we actually do & why people like YIR? Wonder no longer!

Heres our latest post from Leah, a regular visitor to Youth in Romsey.

I recently visited Youth in Romsey for counselling and was overwhelmed with the kindness and support that was given to me.

Every week I thoroughly looked forward to seeing the team and my counsellor, Jan who is a great listener and helped me look at certain aspects of my life in different ways and directions which helped me to overcome my personal problems.

The other members of Youth in Romsey that I meet are also extremely welcoming and make me feel at ease as soon as I walk through the door, which makes me feel very comfortable.

I think Youth in Romsey is a fantastic place and the hard work that they do to help others is phenomenal, considering a lot of the members of staff are volunteers.

I really look forward to coming to Youth in Romsey every week.

"Jan is a great listener, and has helped me look at certain aspects of my life in different ways"

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