Why you should care about politics!...

Brace yourself! We‘re talking politics -but hopefully in a good way 🤔

Engaging with politics can often feel like a chore. Politicians tend to merge into one big blur of grey suits, and political language can be super disengaging/ plain boring. But when you start looking into it, most aspects of your life are affected by politics.

Everything from university fees to LGBTQ rights and the legalisation of weed: it’s all politics. Caring about politics doesn’t have to mean chaining yourself to buildings or becoming an MP. It simply means entering a conversation and taking an interest in what matters to you. Need a bit more convincing? Heres the first reason....

1️⃣ Politics directly affects young people!

What affects your daily life? Is it waiting times for mental health services? Is it knife crime in your area? Or unpaid internships? Whatever you care about, there’s a high chance parliament are making big decisions on your behalf.

Now how would it feel if your parents or your friends started making big decisions on your behalf without consulting you? 😤You’d probably be pretty pissed, no? That’s got to be a reason to engage in the conversation and let politicians know how you feel 👏🏼

2️⃣, 3️⃣, 4️⃣& 5️⃣ coming up in the next few weeks :)))