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Body Image Day 1 - Get that confidence back!

Self conscious about how you look? Worried about your body image? We’ve got you covered. With all this extra time we now have on our hands, it may be you’ve started critiquing your body more closely, or compared yourself to more people on social media. This week we will be posting about all things body image and giving you some useful tips and advice to become more confident in yourself! Boys don’t tune out - although it may affect you in different ways, body image effects everybody and we want to help you feel more confident too.

Tip of the day…

Try and view yourself like someone else would (e.g. a friend), rather than how you do.

It's more than likely you are your biggest critic! Whether you’ve noticed this when a friend says they are worried about part of their appearance you hadn’t even noticed or saw as a good thing, or you have realised that you overthink part of your own appearance that you wouldn’t on somebody else, thinking this way is a normal part of human nature but its not always helpful for our self confidence! Also don’t be tricked into feeling guilty for being ‘self obsessed’ or ‘vain’. This is not the same as having concerns over your looks and you shouldn’t be shamed for thinking about your own appearance.

We want to encourage you to make the choice to view yourself more kindly, and if it helps, treat yourself like you would a friend. Actively changing the way you think about your body image (be less harsh!) will quickly become a positive mind-set you have by default, making you feel a whole lot more empowered. Give it a go!


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