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Body Image Day 2 - Diet and exercise as part of your overall wellbeing.


Try to look at diet and exercise as a portion of your overall health – not 100% of it!

“Food!” “Exercise!” “Keep healthy!” “Stay fit!” “Get going!”

Have any of these phrases hit you on social media recently, or you’ve felt pressure to do something ‘productive’ with all this time? Me too!

So here’s a series of points to go through if you need to…

A) Nurturing your mental health is definitely productive! 🌱

B) Make it a priority to relax, go for good self-care, and find ways to let down your stress. If these things help you to feel happier then its one of the best things you can do right now. 😍

C) Yes - eating a balanced diet and exercising daily etc. is good for you. But if it becomes too consuming, stressing you, the positive impact is lost. Enjoy what you eat; exercise when you want to (current favourite of mine is doing a workout routine with a friend over Facetime), and don’t worry if you sway from a goal you set yourself. I’m definitely in favour of a duvet day with this rain! 🌧

D) Some people will find ‘getting into shape’ and setting goals for themselves motivational, and that’s great too. Recognising that people cope in different ways and using different strategies will really help to put you at ease with your own. ☺️

Have any questions? Worried about your body image? We are here for you. Message us or text 07443 508418.


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