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When I turn 16/18 I can...

18 > Some of the fun and some of the more serious 🔻

- You can vote in local and general elections.

- Own land, buy a house or flat & apply for a mortgage

- Donate blood

- You can stand for election as a Member of Parliament, local councillor or Mayor.

- Join the military

- You can make a will.

- You can get married without parental permission.

- Go clubbing

- You can serve on a jury.

- You can buy an alcoholic drink in a pub or a bar.

- Carry an organ donor card

- Open a brokerage account and buy stock

Back up! Turning 16 comes with lots of changes too…

- Drive a moped

- Give consent

- Chose your own doctor

- Invest in a cash ISA

- Earn the national minimum wage £4.35/ hour


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