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Body Image Day 5 - Male Body Image

FYI > the body types you see above are the three simplest categories for body types and are all natural, and at equally common.

Male body image is a real issue for lots of guys.

Body image is often associated with females but it is a just as real a concept for males.

Boys naturally have different body shapes and types, but you might feel under pressure to conform to the body shape labelled as ‘the best’ by social media and modern society – broader shoulders, abs etc. With this pressure often comes over exercise, strict protein diets, and even anabolic steroids, none of which will be positively impacting your body.

Exercise IS GOOD in healthy doses. A healthy diet IS GOOD when not taken to extremes. Wanting to work on yourself or improve something IS GOOD as long as you can see that you are just as great now as you would be with for example bigger shoulders.

Check back to yesterday’s video clips on Facebook/ Instagram for examples of why what you are presented with in let's say a magazine, is not real nor is it achievable if you want to live a varied, healthy lifestyle.

If you worry about missing a workout, sacrifice other life commitments to exercise, or scrutinise your body overly, you are not alone, many people feel the same way! And we can support you in building a more positive opinion of yourself and feeling comfortable with your body as it is naturally. Just get in contact – its free and confidential :)


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