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Texts can be hard to read – not the words but the meaning behind it right?!

So let’s break it down….

Firstly, remember:

> texts are SHORT, and you won’t ever get the full picture from them

> people communicate largely through facial expression and texting misses out on this (hence the immense popularity of emojis!)

> many people communicate very BLUNTLY in texts in comparison to face to face conversation – this doesn’t mean they have negative feelings towards you.

Given the MASSIVE gap left for interpretation in texts or online messages, you might find a message you receive that isn’t perfectly composed to convey positive emotions leaves you assuming the opposite and FEELING DOWN ABOUT IT. But if you find yourself in this position, here’s some food for thought…

> the person who messaged you might be having a bad day! Quite often it’s not about something you did so TRY NOT TO ASSUME IT’S YOUR FAULT.

> You can always ASK MORE QUESTIONS! Information often gets missed out in texts, if something is unclear, ask!

> Maybe the text was perfectly normal but lacked a smiley face unlike normal or just seemed slightly flat. In this case ASSUME GOOD INTENTION! We’ve all had busy days where we have to answer something quickly and don’t add in the extras. So it’s not something you need to let get you down.

On the other hand, here are a few TIPS for YOUR OWN TEXTING to make sure others don’t get the wrong idea from you!...

> use EMOJIS, exclamation marks and START WITH A GREETING etc – this simply creates a warmer approach

> don’t be afraid to write full sentences and SHOW YOU CARE – it may not sound ‘cool’ but nobody is going to mind having nice messages to read, quite the opposite.

> read through messages before you send them – quickly CONSIDER IF THER IS AN UNDERTONE that could be taken the wrong way

Other than that, just be yourself + and TRY NOT TO LEAP TO CONCLUSIONS!

Feeling upset, down or affected by anything like this? Get in contact with us - it’s what we are here for and we would love help you feel happier and more confident with it.


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