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Things You Need To Know About Vaping...

what is a vape?

A vape is a Portable usually rechargeable device that works by heating up a flavored liquid to create the 'vapor' that is then inhaled.

They are considered a drug, and a highly addictive one too, this is because they contain Nicotine (the same substance that makes cigarettes addictive)

Some new research has been done into the differences in the amount of nicotine in both cigarettes and vapes.

These are the outcomes of that research...

1 pack of 20 cigarettes = 1 disposable vape

This means that when a a young person uses a vape in one or two days that is the equivalent of smoking a total of 20 cigarettes!

Despite the few studies done there isn't yet solid information on the long-term effects that vaping may have on people's Bodies, especially developing brains but it is believed that some will be similar to that of smoking cigarettes.

We decided to base a conversation around vaping with our Tuesday night youth group to see if we could gather some more information from them.

The young people in the group gave some really insightful information and experience!

Most said that parents and Guardians were not only unaware of their child or teen vaping at all but also Unaware of the potential dangers it can cause.

One of the major things we heard was the fact that vapes are so easy to get hold of, by such a huge range of ages too. We were told that many knew children as young as 10 years old who were regularly vaping. This means that shop owners are selling to under 18s to make a profit, or over 18s are buying vapes for their younger friends of family.

Another thing that seemed to frequently come up was the fact that Lots of young people were vaping in school, using any opportunity they can; using their sleeves, going into the toilets, under the tables etc.

While it is already illegal for young people for people under 18 to buy them The government are trying to ban on all disposable vapes regardless of age so it is more important now to make young people aware before its made illegal.

It is really important to think about the short and long term effects that my be caused by inhaling the chemicals that vapes produce, and to remember that (like any drug) they can very easily become addictive when used regularly.


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